Thanks for stopping by. Read below to learn more about myself and my background.

Cartoon Alex Merced at Work


Alex Merced is passionate about technology, education and marketing and brings that passion to anything he does. Whether evanglizing the latest and greatest technologies, teaching others how to use them, or creating help libraries for the community Alex Merced is always keeping himself busy.


General Assembly | Software Development Immersive | 2019

Bowling Green State University | Bachelor of Arts | 2003-2007

Howell Cheney Tech Regional Vocational School | High School Diploma & Microcomputer Certificate | 1999-2003


Programming Languages

Javascript, Python, Ruby, Java, C#, GO, Rust, HTML,PHP, CSS

Data Tools

Postgres, SQL, Dremio, dbt, Superset, Tableau, Jupyter Notebook, Polars, pyArrow, Apache Iceberg, AWS Glue, AWS EMR, AWS S3

Frontend Frameworks

React, Svelte, Vue, SolidJS, Angular, jQuery

Backend Frameworks

Express, Koa, Fastify, Django, Rails, Laravel

Other Technology

OBS Studio, Docker, Markdown, Git/Github, FLStudio, LLMs